Friday, October 19, 2007

Orange Daisies or "Analogous Augus"t

These orange daisies were my favorite bush of the summer. They were also my first painting. (One of three of my garden series.) I was pretty clueless when I began, but I used a series of glazes, adding highlights and lowlights the way I'd been taught. What turned out was an analogous painting... not what I expected, but I loved it!


Susie said...

I like the way you added color to this. It shows that you can take any flower and put in the color that the buyer wants for an existing room decor. Have you tried sunflowers yet? They are one of my personal favorites and I'll bet you would do a great painting of them.

Larraine McCrea said...

That's a great idea, Susie. I have a couple more I need to start and finish, then I'll think about sunflowers!